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June 16, 2009

orange little

sky high of 11cm heels!
my absolute fave from their new collection ><
simple yet classy
just look at the number of straps you need to put on!

more studs with a mix of bling!
similar to the one featured from teamo
great pair for a night out!
a rare find ;)
slightly more expensive though

more cut outs?
it's quite a nice looking pair
our fave wedges
simple yet edgy
go black for a fiercer touch ;)

roman inspired? no?
side cut outs, studded details
comes in heels instead of wedges
comes in white too!

phat culture

add wedges, a dash of lace, velvet material and cut out some of that fabric
a rustic looking pair of wedges
weaved like wedges
kinda unique in a way
the most affordable found :P

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