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June 10, 2009


rubi shoes!
directly imported from aussie, miss TLF was kind enough to share them visit us malaysian e-shoppers :)
well known for their comfort, probably known as aussies version of crocs, comes in size 35-42!

huge collection of designs


my fave 2 pick:

basic plain white! perfect for any occasion ;)


checkered monotones!
each pair going for rm42, however pre-order is currently closed :( do watch out for the next batch of pre-order though ;)
can't wait?
no worries
she even brought in 2 special editions for us babes! however sizes & stocks are limited, bidding starts at rm52 each pair, think is pricey? this is cause rm10 will be going to charity for each pair, it's a win win situation aint it?
do click here for more info ;)
have fun babes!
so... what's up for bid?

1. baby gold checks (size38)

2. red stripey sailor (size37)
i'd definitely go for the classic stripey red :P how'd bout you?

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