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June 28, 2009

ooh!! simple strap studded heels!
faux wooden chunky heels for added glam
i truly adore the brown faux wood insole
looks pricey! like something you might find in bonia?
simple yet not over-the-top decorated studs
easy slip on and off

stud me now!
something similar to your balmain inspired heels
what i like bout this pair is it doesnt have those tacky plastic crystals on
faux snake skin added for a more vain touch
cross glam white

though only for pre order, couldnt resist featuring this pair :P
chic punk?
elastic bound to the feet
exposed zipper detail
the modern gladitors in the making

studded snake skin ankle strap heels in black!
faux snake skin lining
uber edgy yet fierce!
"dont you dare mess with me!" this one screams!
gucci inspired
as seen in most blogshops
comes in nide, tan coffee and black
i love this coffee brown colour best!
a rare shade
down to earth yet gorgeous!

this piece spells sexiness!!
sky high platinum coloured heels
a tad pricey :P

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