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July 2, 2009


magico shoes
more wedges for us babes ;)
wish they bring in more ready stock dont you?

kaffeklatch shopping

slouchy comfy pumps is what i thought when i saw this pair ;)
in a regal shade of purple too.
for a lazy day out or even to college :D

oxford booties is red plaids!
definitely a rare find!
unique from its cross sticth details
lux wooden soles
gold studs to finish the whole look of this pair
available in white too :)

T - bar heels!
a rare find with it's classy wooden platform and chunky heels :)
silver stud details and the side adds more glam to this pair

cross strap with stud details
in a earthy shade of toffee brown!
a more subtle height of say 3 inches?

yes! they have this pair ready stock!
you heard me right!
limited sizes though :(
raised platform with sky high heels
peeptoe with multiple strap at the ankles
a more classy type of bondage heels dont you think?

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